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Warrior Swagger SR2 bastone portiere per hockey - Intermediate

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Warrior Swagger SR2 bastone portiere per hockey - Intermediate

The new Warrior Swagger SR2 Goalie Stick is Warrior's ever growing Goalie history of popular goalie sticks. The Swagger SR2 Goalie Stick is constructed of a reinforced wood shaft will a foam core paddle, maximizing puck feel and overall stick durability
  • Foam Core Paddle
  • Reinforced Wood Shaft
  • Precision Balanced Construction
  • Classic Pro Design

Models in stock

Color Palos/Stick de hockey-curva Palos/Stick de hockey Stock Delivery time
Blanco/Negro Izquierda 23.5in Quick/MID In stock 1 - 2 working days
Blanco/Negro Derecho 23.5in Quick/MID Deliverable 5-10 working days

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